Wayne, you are the greatest website builder on the planet. I appreciate your work.
Bob Hickingbottom April 18, 2019
I have used Wayne @ pcbest for 20 or more year for my computer needs. Wayne does a very good job of solving any problems encountered. Highly recommend Wayne for computer needs and service.
Roy Len Russom March 16, 2019
My wife and I have been dealing with Wayne @ PC best in Mississippi and he has always been someone we trust and can count on when we mess up which is every few months. Lol. Thank y’all
Rocky March 16, 2019
PCBest a Internet Service is excellent with building your website - always on hand to help you, if you need (questions ) answered..Wayne will contact you stat. My site is >>”Professional Private Duty Nursing” . Let ( Wayne ) help you! You will be glad you have a professional Website! I’ve know he and his wife for years! Please to give PCBest Internet Service 5⭐️... Just call ! He will build your site! Congratulations to you! Thanks for all the years you have helped me!
Ellen McLaurin March 15, 2019
Having known Wayne for many years now I've been able to get to know him personally and to experience the knowledge he possesses in the ability to work with a computer and programming. I am very impressed with his ability to understand and write programming. There are several ways to go about getting a website but they all look basically like what you paid for them. After hiring Wayne to build my website I would proudly put it up against anybody's website out there. It's very professional, it has a great flow, it's easy to use and understand and it serves any need you might have because Wayne has built it into the programming. PC best and Wayne are the only ones I would trust with my computer's and my web page. In today's world internet access is the way people search for the company they choose to hire. I've gotten several people to tell me they selected my business due to the professional look of my web page. I feel Wayne is reasonably priced in comparison to what others' web pages of this quality would cost.No need to look any further. Choose PC best and Wayne as your website provider.
Keith Stewart March 14, 2019
I am an older business owner who is not very tech-savvy, so Wayne has been my go-to man for many years and I would find it very difficult to operate without him. He has set my business up, computer-wise, at least twice, going from DOS (yes, that far back) to Windows XP and then to Windows 7. Thank you so much for being there for me and guiding me. I am a small business but no matter how small, everyone needs help at some point. Thanks, Wayne.
Pat Ramey March 14, 2019
I have worked with PCBest for many years and no problem is ever too big or too small for Wayne. He is a computer genius in my eyes and I am grateful to be able to call upon him for any computer problems I may encounter. He is always willing and eager to go the extra mile to make sure your problem is correctly and efficiently solved.
Carol Nation March 12, 2019
Wayne has helped STA Security with Design, Set Up, and Hosting our websites for over 15 Years and has always done an Outstanding Job. Can't say enough about his technical expertise/experience in Hardware and Software, as well as Website Design & Hosting. I would highly recommend Wayne/PCBest for all your website/hosting needs.
Wendell / STA Security September 01, 2018
Wayne is the best I've ever seen when it comes to building websites. He is very smart and knowledgeable. He has a lot of patience and love what he does. I would recommend him any day. Thanks Wayne!!!!!
Jazlyn Shanks-Marshall July 06, 2018
Wayne is the smartest man I know when it comes to computers! He has a way of approaching every problem with the understanding that there is always a way to fix it and he knows every way! Wayne's best quality? I can say that he is very gifted and he knows more than one way to skin a cat! There is no problem that he can't fix and he always does a great job! He always explains everything to me so I can understand. Thank you!
Roy Ballard June 03, 2018

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