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  1. Ferrari said that a ransomware attack was responsible for a data breach that exposed customer details, but did not impact company operations.

    The post Ferrari Says Ransomware Attack Exposed Customer Data appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  2. Maryland startup Aembit gets funding to build an identity platform designed to manage, enforce, and audit access between federated workloads.

    The post Aembit Scores $16.6M Seed Funding for Workload IAM Technology appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  3. Cryptocurrency ATM maker General Bytes discloses a security incident resulting in the theft of millions of dollars’ worth of crypto-coins.

    The post Millions Stolen in Hack at Cryptocurrency ATM Manufacturer General Bytes appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  4. Waterfall Security Solutions and TXOne Networks have each announced launching new OT security appliances.

    The post Waterfall Security, TXOne Networks Launch New OT Security Appliances appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  5. Hitachi Energy has blamed a data breach affecting employees on the recent exploitation of a zero-day vulnerability in Fortra’s GoAnywhere solution.

    The post Hitachi Energy Blames Data Breach on Zero-Day as Ransomware Gang Threatens Firm appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  6. NBA is notifying individuals that their information was stolen in a data breach at a third-party mailing services provider.

    The post NBA Notifying Individuals of Data Breach at Mailing Services Provider appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  7. Cybercriminals are abusing the Adobe Acrobat Sign service in a campaign distributing the RedLine information stealer malware.

    The post Adobe Acrobat Sign Abused to Distribute Malware appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  8. Conor Brian Fitzpatrick of New York was arrested and charged last week for allegedly running the popular cybercrime forum BreachForums.

    The post New York Man Arrested for Running BreachForums Cybercrime Website appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  9. Huawei has replaced thousands of product components banned by the US with homegrown versions, its founder has said.

    The post Huawei Has Replaced Thousands of US-Banned Parts With Chinese Versions: Founder appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  10. Latitude Financial Services says the personal information of 300,000 customers was stolen in a cyberattack.

    The post Latitude Financial Services Data Breach Impacts 300,000 Customers appeared first on SecurityWeek.

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