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  1. Investors make an early-stage $6.5 million bet on BreachRx, a startup promising to shield cybersecurity executives from personal liability.

    The post BreachRx Raises $6.5M to Revamp Incident Response Reporting Systems appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  2. VulnCheck banks $8 million in early stage capital to build 'exploit intelligence' technologies and services.

    The post Threat-Intelligence Startup VulnCheck Closes $8M Seed Financing appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  3. Noteworthy stories that might have slipped under the radar: OpenSSF and OpenJS incidents similar to XZ backdoor, Moldovan botnet operator charged, US automotive company targeted by FIN7.

    The post In Other News: OSS Backdooring Attempts, Botnet Operator Charged, Automotive Firm Attack appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  4. While over 400 AI-related bills are being debated this year in statehouses nationwide, most target one industry or just a piece of the technology — such as deepfakes used in elections.

    The post First Major Attempts to Regulate AI Face Headwinds From All Sides appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  5. New US guidance details foreign malign influence operations to help election infrastructure stakeholders increase resilience.

    The post US Government Releases Guidance on Securing Election Infrastructure appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  6. Akira ransomware has hit over 250 organizations worldwide and received over $42 million in ransom payments.

    The post Akira Ransomware Made Over $42 Million in One Year: Agencies appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  7. Telecom giant Frontier shuts down systems to contain a cyberattack that led to personal information compromise.

    The post Frontier Communications Shuts Down Systems Following Cyberattack appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  8. Microsoft warns that several OpenMetadata vulnerabilities are being exploited to deploy cryptomining malware to Kubernetes environments.

    The post OpenMetadata Vulnerabilities Exploited to Abuse Kubernetes Clusters for Cryptomining   appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  9. Malicious hackers are targeting SAP applications at an alarming pace, according to warnings from Onapsis and Flashpoint.

    The post SAP Applications Increasingly in Attacker Crosshairs, Report Shows appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  10. Join this one-day virtual summit as we shine the spotlight on the shadowy dynamics of ransomware attacks and how you can best prepare your organization to defend against and recover from these relentless attacks.

    The post Watch Now: Ransomware Resilience & Recovery Summit Sessions Now on Demand appeared first on SecurityWeek.

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