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  1. Bankrupt and out of financing options, IronNet has terminated all employees and plan to file for Chapter 7 protection.

    The post Bankrupt IronNet Shuts Down Operations appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  2. AWS says an internal threat intel decoy system called MadPot has successfully trapped nation state-backed APTs like Volt Typhoon and Sandworm.

    The post AWS Using MadPot Decoy System to Disrupt APTs, Botnets appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  3. Nexusflow scores funding to build an open-source LLM that can deliver high accuracy when retrieving data from multiple security sources.

    The post Generative AI Startup Nexusflow Raises $10.6 Million appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  4. Noteworthy stories that might have slipped under the radar: new RSA encryption attack, Meta’s AI privacy safeguards, and ShinyHunters hackers’ guilty plea. 

    The post In Other News: RSA Encryption Attack, Meta AI Privacy, ShinyHunters Hacker Guilty Plea appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  5. A group of academic researchers devised a technique to extract sounds from still images captured using smartphone cameras with rolling shutter and movable lens structures.

    The post Researchers Extract Sounds From Still Images on Smartphone Cameras appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  6. The NSA is starting an artificial intelligence security center — a crucial mission as AI capabilities are increasingly acquired, developed and integrated into U.S. defense and intelligence systems.

    The post National Security Agency is Starting an Artificial Intelligence Security Center appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  7. CISA has added CVE-2018-14667, an old critical JBoss RichFaces flaw to its known exploited vulnerabilities catalog.

    The post CISA Warns of Old JBoss RichFaces Vulnerability Being Exploited in Attacks appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  8. Hackers have set their sights on CVE-2023-34468, an RCE vulnerability in Apache NiFi that impacts thousands of organizations. 

    The post Hackers Set Sights on Apache NiFi Flaw That Exposes Many Organizations to Attacks appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  9. Gaps in Cloudflare’s security controls allow users to bypass protections and target others from the platform itself.

    The post Cloudflare Users Exposed to Attacks Launched From Within Cloudflare: Researchers appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  10. A sharply divided privacy oversight board is recommending that the FBI and other agencies be required to get court approval before reviewing the communications of U.S. citizens collected through a secretive foreign surveillance program.

    The post A Key US Government Surveillance Tool Should Face New Limits, a Divided Privacy Oversight Board Says appeared first on SecurityWeek.

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