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We offer onsite service in your office or home.

We will come to you and perform networking, software installation, custom software application, data recovery, migration and upgrades, virus and malware removal and more.

Windows Networking

Let us setup your LAN the way it should be. We will setup all of your computers to share common resources, such as internet access, shared hard drive folders, shared printers, wired and wireless network printers and multi-function devices - printer/scanner/fax.

Software Installation

We can install and set the preferences for all of your software programs. Quickbooks, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop - it doesn't matter. We will also see that anti-virus software is installed and auto-updated to keep your workstations safe and working properly.

Custom Software Application

We can create spreadsheets, setup accounting systems and more. Get the most out of your software.

Multimedia Productions

We turn your pictures, videos and audio into slideshows, DVD's and other presentations.

Data Migration and Upgrades

When you upgrade your computers we can migrate your old files, programs and settings to your new system. This includes pictures, documents, bookmarks, and even saved logins and passwords. That new system will be that much sweeter when all of your stuff is right there where it used to be.

Virus and Malware Removal

That is self-explanatory. We will not only fix it but we will also determine how it got there and take steps to keep it from happening again.

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